White-label job boards that keep up with the demands of today's job ecosystem.
Elbower is a white-label job board solution engineered to help you build, and more importantly, remain a must-use resource for jobseekers and employers alike.
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Mobile-First Boards That Are Beautiful On Computers.
A survey conducted by Kelton Research showed that 86% of users with a smartphone would use it to search for a job. Elbower is optimized to make the job search process as effective and painless for jobseekers on your job board as possible.

Flexible Posting Options Fit For Today.
Today's employers don't just want results fast - they need them. Being locked in to a job post for multiple months isn't always going to cut it when it's the first few days they're after, and if you can't offer something more flexible, you've just potentially lost a sale. Elbower helps you create solutions that fit all employers' needs.

Features Jobseekers Find Valuable & Invaluable.
How do jobseekers know your job board is worth investing time in? With Elbower, they can expect notifications when relevant jobs are posted.