What Is Elbower

All about the product

What is Elbower?

Elbower is an Internet-based software platform that guides you in accomplishing your long-term goals. You tell us your goals and come up with tasks that get you there, and Elbower works its magic to make sure you stay on track and motivated.

What is Elbower's Magic?

Elbower performs two functions:

1. It constantly reminds you why you wanted to achieve this goal

Goals are a dime a dozen. Everyone wants to have it all: perfect grades, six-pack abs, a new personal best for cars sold in a month. but unless the underlying motivation isn't there to back it up, your brain will catch you sleeping and when the next hardship comes up, your goals become nice-to-haves instead of necessities.

Elbower doesn't put up with that flimsiness.

Elbower takes your words of motivation and tells you them when you need to hear them (hint: that's all the time).

2. It keeps track of your momentum

A strong focus on incrementalism is how Elbower keeps you on track to reach your goal.

If you read up on a topic for thirty minutes a day, then you'd have read 180 hours (that's well over a full week) on it by the time a year passes. If you learn a little tiny bit from each of these reading sessions, you'll have amassed a lot of knowledge without the strain.

Whether it's Rome being built, Seinfeld coming up with jokes or Nipsey Hussle building a business empire alongside his community, incrementalism is a technique that's helped humans reach a goal that many would have dismissed as unreachable.

Is Elbower Right For Me?

Elbower is for anyone who wants to make a change in their life. That encompasses humans of all ages, genders, creeds, colors and ability levels.

So yes, it's definitely right for you.