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Purpose of Elbower Premium

This is a product for those who want to make big changes.

The types that aren't satisfied with just one incremental change, you're starving for more, for better. Elbower Premium helps you sort out all of the chaos that comes with such a superhuman endeavor.

Pursuing multiple goals, especially when they're aligned, and compounded over time, can make a serious improvement in your quality of life. Each of the following goals and habits are noble in themselves:

  • Improve endurance
    • Run 2 miles
  • Become better versed at world history
    • Read a book on a country for 30 minutes
  • Understand Spanish
    • Listen to 30 minutes of a Spanish podcast

If you took this to Elbower FREE, you'd only be able to pursue them independently. With Elbower Premium from our side and dedication from your side, by the end of a year, you'd amass:

  • 730 miles run
  • 182.5 hours of reading's worth of world history knowledge (That's over a solid week!)
  • 182.5 hours of having listened to Spanish
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