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Purpose of Elbower FREE

Elbower FREE lets you reach your goal with focus and clarity completely free of charge, forever.

When we say free, yes - we mean free, but we also mean still extremely useful.

A lot of products out there offer a free version, but they try to pull some fishy stuff to get you to buy the premium version. Sometimes they hide it in the depths of their website so you can't find it without some serious digging. Other times it's so stripped down that it's completely unusable. In any case, they pray that your frustration leads to you buying premium instead of abandoning the software and giving up on your needs they claimed to solve for you for "free."

At Elbower, we say: FUCK that gimmicky bullshit.

With Elbower FREE, we know we're providing a free solution that actually works, because the methodology underlying Elbower FREE is exactly what the founder of Elbower, Paul, used to accomplish a bunch of different goals, such as getting to a 30 minute 5K time after rupturing an Achilles tendon, and learning German.

We provide all the essential tools to help you stay on track by showing you your momentum and constantly reminding you of your motivation. All you need to do is put in a goal and some tasks to help you get there, and we'll take care of the rest.

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