About Elbowerbot

Elbowerbot is a crawler used to read job data from your jobs pages.

You very likely know the organization who decided to track your jobs - at the moment, it's exclusively venture capital firms and individual investors who use our services and want to amplify your job openings through their platforms. If someone's made an investment to your organization, ask them if they use Elbower to amplify your jobs.

Technical Mumbo Jumbo: User Agent Information

This is what our user agent string looks like. If it isn't this, it isn't us.

Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Elbowerbot/0.1; +https://elbower.com/elbowerbot)

Note that, even if this is the User Agent, it might still be a spoofer and not us. We don't disclose our IPs as a rule, but you can get in touch on our contact page and we will happily respond to IP address inquiries.

Got a Problem With That?

Feel like something's fishy and think it's coming from us? Let us know on our contact page so we can get it sorted out as soon as possible!