Built For Who?

Paul S. Chun • Tuesday, June 30, 2020 • Tokyo, Japan

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This blog post was written for Elbower’s previous life as a habit formation tool. The founder decided to change the focus of the company, but fully respects the usefulness that these posts provide to readers. Please enjoy them, but realize that references to Elbower inside of them are now out of date.

Yes, I freaking get it - the first blog post of a new business is expected to be about how we've launched and exist now, what markets we target, what we make, and so on. The standard recipe and its uninspired variations are out there, appearing in thousands of results on Google all telling you to do the damn same thing.

They tell you it's supposed to be a nice and predictable laundry list of what you hope to accomplish as a company, ordered by your ambitions to make sure you distance yourself from your readers. Like someone rolled out the red carpet for you and all you have to do is wave and make promises like the politicians we all dismiss as phony.

They tell you to spend those first hours on your first post making sure you follow what they say to a tee. It's the first beautiful snowflake after all, soon to dance its way to the ground and be followed by many more, eventually dutifully performing its role as a tiny square on a quilt that covers even the harshest of the harsh landscapes we call reality with an immaculate layer of pristine, white fluffy perfection.

Well, to hell with that fluff. I'm not about that perfect life, because life isn't perfect.

Elbower is built accepting that truth in mind too.

Elbower was made for everyone, and will work for anyone, and I, as the founder, will always stand by that.

But more than anything, Elbower is for the people who want to make that change in their imperfect lives.

Maybe you were born in a challenging location, situation or family. Or maybe something happened to you that changed everything for the worse, and you're barely clinging on to the train that moves you whether you want it to or not.

Elbower's existence is a monument to your grit and wants you to know that the grit keeping you going is the same grit that can make major changes in your life.

Elbower is not going to promise you the moon or fill you up with sappy nonsense, but it will stand by you at every turn on your journey towards making those changes.

Because Elbower was built for you.