About Elbower

Learn about the company, the story and the people behind it

Mission Statement

Elbower strives to provide the most effective method in human history to allow all human beings to accomplish what they set out to achieve. Utilizing scientific and empirical studies as well as old-fashioned grit, we will not stop improving our service until every human being in the world is empowered to become the best versions of themselves.

How Elbower Came About

Have you ever taken a massive bite, then after someone told you that you bit off more than you could chew, you figured out a way to chew it?

Elbower's founder, Paul, can tell you about his bite story. Specifically, after he left a great job and found himself with newly acquired free time, he wanted to accomplish a few things in the months that followed:

  • Improve his German
  • Get back into shape
  • Re-familiarize himself with a programming language

In order to stay motivated, he developed a simple framework on blank sheets of loose leaf paper and some markers, which became the foundation of what you know today as Elbower.

After three months on this method, he made significant improvements in all of these areas:

  • He went from struggling to read German newspaper articles to being able to understand the gist of most articles he read from the same publisher.
  • He went from running a 40 minute 5K to running it in just under 30 minutes.
  • He felt confident and caught-up in the programming language and learned way more concepts and vocabulary than was expected in the time frame.

When this happened, he knew that he was onto something. His goal at this point was to make sure that all people who want to accomplish something have a method to make it happen.

He turned that paper-based technique into software, and Elbower was born.

The Team Behind Elbower

Paul S. Chun

Founder & CEO

Paul S. Chun is an American entrepreneur originally from Northern California. His firm belief in human potential is what led him to create Elbower.

Previously, Paul co-founded competitive intelligence company Rivalfox in Berlin and served as its CTO, and also worked for San Francisco-based startups Golden and Heyzap (now a part of Fyber).

Feel free to reach out to him on Twitter.