Knowing your portfolio companies’ hiring stories is understanding them.

Elbower helps you do that.

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Their Stories Are Your Story.

Elbower actively monitors portfolio companies' jobs pages and aggregates results so you know their, and your, stories.

A listing of how many jobs a company has had open over time

That means you're also expanding to Asia, going all in on back end hiring and looking for your first CFO.

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Connect Your Network With Your Portfolio.

Elbower gives you all portfolio companies' latest openings on a page. Or as data through the API.

A listing of jobs from different companies

Referred employees get hired faster, remain with companies longer, perform better and are more likely to refer their own network.

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Browsing the Jobs Page Is Only Half the Story.

Elbower tells you which jobs were previously posted and no longer are.

A listing of jobs removed from a company

Land the hire? Give up on the role? Ask the right questions when you next talk.

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